La Poule aux œufs d’Or

Vin de France

  • 80% Petit Manseng
  • 20% Gros Manseng
la poule aux oeufs or vin de france laplace
Who am I

Cluck, cluck … Even if I don’t fly,
I have been keeping an eye on
my barnyard friends for a long time!

Cluck, cluck … Everyone knows
that I am affectionate and that
my golden plumage reveals my
generously greedy mouth!

Cluck, cluck …Of all the inhabitants
of the henhouse, I am the only
one whose daily egg illuminates
the surroundings with its golden
reflections …

Cluck, cluck, cluck … So come and
taste the joys of aromatic richness
and delicacy. With my help, you will
also become rich in sharing and

Médaille d'Or Anivin de France 2020