Vin de Liqueur

A deep red, this wine has powerful aromas of fresh black and red fruits and delicate nuances of nuts and grilled almonds. On the palate, the delicacy of its fruitiness balances the relatively powerful tannins.

  • 100% Tannat
maydie famille laplace

The wines come from vines 30 years old on average. They are planted on slopes that are:
• clayish-calcareous...Terroir de Saint Lanne
• clayish-gravelly...Terroir d’Aydie
• clayish with a rounded pebbles... Terroir de Moncaup


The grapes are de-stemmed and placed in a wooden tank, where they will undergo cold maceration for a few days to extract the maximum of aromas and colour. Then comes alcoholic fermentation for 3 to 4 days stopped by grain fortification with a high-degree wine alcohol. Maceration continues for 2 to 6 additional days before the wine is poured into a 60-hectolitre oak tun.


Aging for 24 months before bottling. No further aromatic or other winemaking elements will be added.

Food and wine combinations

Maydie is best drunk cold (10 to 12°C); it is just as delicious for the aperitif as it is at dessert time (chocolate-sauced desserts). Goes wonderfully well with Roquefort, the cheese of the Pyrenees… and is a wonderful companion for long evening with cigars.

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Guide Hubert 2016
16.5/20 Vins et Terroirs