Odé d’Aydie

AOP Madiran

This wine shows a deep, intense red color. Elegant on the nose, with aromas of black fruits (blueberry and blackberry) dominating the hint of spice. Upon tasting, it reveals remarkable fullness with chewy tannins and a surprising roundness. The long-lasting finish contains delicate notes of vanilla. A delightful wine, displaying both power and elegance. Potential for aging for another 8 to 10 years.

  • 100% Tannat
Ode aydie rouge madiran

The vines are situated on various slopes characterized by different soil compositions:
• Clay and limestone - Terroir de Saint Lanne
• Clay and rounded pebbles - Terroir de Moncaup


The grapes are carefully hand-harvested. Vinification is carried out separately for each plot and grape variety. Prior to fermentation, there is a cold maceration phase (10 to 12°C) for 3 to 5 days in barrels. Following, an extended maceration period of 30 days. Vinification at 25°C, with extraction through pumping over.


Maturation for 24 months.

Food and wine combinations

This wine pairs beautifully, not only with traditional French dishes, but also with contemporary variations, such as roasted lamb or beef Burgundy.

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